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Shipping and Returns
Terms, Conditions & Frequently Asked Questions
You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment methods provided to you at checkout. QVO Tactical reserves the right to change its prices and payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us so we can fix the problem. Holsters MAY NOT BE returned unless there is a DEFECT. Holster purchases will not be refunded for any other reason due to each holster being customized to the buyer's specifications. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Holsters do come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY regarding function. If your holster is scratched, scuffed, or suffers minor damage during use and/or training it will NOT be replaced under warranty. If parts, screws, attachments, etc. are lost they will NOT be replaced via warranty either.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the options they choose are the correct options. Returns will not be accepted for options mistakenly chosen by the customer. If you need corrections made to your order please contact us via email.

When using a promo code please be ensure you are qualified to use it. Improper use of discount codes will cause your order to be cancelled.


  • What is the status of my order?
    • We have two statuses. "Processing" and "Shipped." Each order is hand made and we are pretty good about staying within the agreed lead time. Please refrain from sending us an email inquiring about the status of your order if it is still within the lead time period. We understand wanting to know an update but taking time away from building the holsters to answer emails only delays the process more.

  • Do you do rush orders?
    • No we do not. Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis. We want to make things fair across the board so we do not accept additional payment for rush orders.

  • Will the paint and/or cerekote on my slide be affected by the holster?
    • Our holsters are made from Kydex plastic which is a hard thermo-folding plastic. Normal wear and tear will occur from the slide touching the holster when drawing and re-holstering. Aftermarket slides which have been machined with additional serrations and/or windows can cause additional wear and tear if out of spec. We use actual firearms with OEM slides to fit all holsters before shipping them out to customers. We are not responsible for scratches and/or scuffs done to the paint job on your firearm.

  • Do you guys make holsters for "this" particular firearm or weapon light setup?
    • In short, no we don't. If it isn't on our website we do not currently offer it. We do some custom one off work but it is typically for locals or promo stuff going out into media. Sorry.

  • I am local can I just come by and pickup my order?
    • No. We do not currently run a store front and scheduling times to have gear picked up has become too difficult so we do not allow for local pickup.

  • I want a different style clip or the design tweaked on my order.
    • If it isn't on our website we do not offer it. Please do not put additional instructions in the comments section and expect for your order to be altered from our designs. A lot of time goes into our design and mocking up our molds, therefore we do not want to delay the process anymore by having to change the setup.

  • High vs. Low Sweat Guard
    • The sweat guard is the portion of the holster that keeps the back side of the slide from touching your body/skin. The High Sweat Guard option typically goes to the top of the slide and completely covers it. This is the case with most weapon/light setups. When selecting the TLR1 or X300U we try to cover as much of the slide as possible. Due material size constraints we cannot always make the sweat guard the full length of the slide. The Low Sweat Guard option typically covers the slide halfway between the chamber and top of the slide.

  • The "Click" & Holster Fitment
    • The "click" sound that most people think of when purchasing a Kydex holster comes from the pocket created by the trigger guard area. When purchasing a holster with a weapon light attached the pocket no longer exists due to the channel created for the light. Some lights will still make that "click" sound however, most small/flush weapon lights like the PL-Mini or APLc will not. All of our holsters come with multiple points of adjustable retention to retain the weapon via friction. The "click" sound is not something we market or guarantee with our holsters.

  • Will my holster still retain my gun if I take the weapon light off?
    • If you purchase a holster from us made for a firearm with a light attached, the light needs to be attached in order for it to retain the weapon. Some customers have reported that their holster still retains the weapon without the light, however we do not recommend this as our holster are not designed to do this.

  • Do your holsters accommodate compensators?
    • Please contact us before placing your order to ensure that we can accommodate your compensator. Not all of our custom molding is designed to allow for compensators. Simply selecting the threaded barrel option will NOT result in your holster being able to allow a compensator.

  • What Generation Glock do your holsters fit?
    • Our holsters are made to accommodate all generation Glocks (1-5).

  • Do I receive shipping and tracking confirmation when my order ships?
    • Once your order ships an email is sent to your email address on file with a shipping notification and tracking number.

  • Can I return my holster if I ordered the wrong model/color/option?
    • In short, no. Each order is custom made to the customer and it is the responsibility of each customer to verify their order is correct before placing it. As stated at checkout, "I have verified that my order is correct and I understand that if I would like to make changes I will need to cancel my order and place a new one with a new lead time. Refunds/Exchanges will not be made for orders placed incorrectly."