QVO Tactical

"When your life is threatened, you want your actions to be quick and violent so that the threat is over."

Here at QVO Tactical we strive to create quality Kydex holsters that you can confidently depend on.  We want our customers to know that when buying a holster from QVO Tactical they are getting a quality crafted holster made specifically for them.

We strive to earn our customer's trust and respect.  If something isn't exactly right with your purchased holster please contact us directly to rectify the issue.  It is our goal to work in cooperation with every one of our customers to ensure their needs are met when choosing a QVO Tactical holster.

Our current lead time for small orders (3 Items or Less) is 8-12 weeks.

Shipping is a flat rate of $7.55 via USPS Priority Mail.

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Our Team

For those who are curious, meet the QVO team!


Roger formed QVO Tactical in 2013 after leaving his law enforcement career.  He found himself always having to trim or modify gear he purchased so he decided to become an art major and begin learning how to work with Kydex material.  Roger is still active within the law enforcement community with training, instruction and his local government position.


John is a carpenter by trade and has always had a passion for shooting.  John and Roger met while working in local government.  Roger saw the value that John could bring to the company and offered him a partnership role within QVO Tactical.  John oversees the shop operations for QVO.

Sponsored Shooters

Meet the shooters of the QVO Team!

"Talon" @talon_sei
The man with the #dopestvloginthegame!  Talon was one of QVO's first customers.  He has purchased several holsters over the years.  He created a review of QVO's products on his YouTube account which generated a lot of buzz!  Roger brought Talon on to the QVO team after seeing how amazing his media content is!

"Trauma" @trauma_rn

Sakary "Trauma" is a transport nurse on a critical care specialty team on the West Coast.  He and Roger met during SHOT Show of 2017 and talked about their interest in each other's media content.  Trauma produces some of the cleanest content on social media and he likes to buy all the toys!