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Every week we post 2-3 videos on our YouTube Channel showing behind the scenes footage of the shop and our operation.  In addition to that we film product reviews for the various guns and gear we use.  In our videos we hide 3-4 discount codes worth 20% or more off of your entire purchase.  In order to use these codes you have to be the first to find the code in the video and use it before anyone else does.  An easy way to accomplish this is to be subscribed to our channel and to turn on the notifications icon.  Thanks for checking us out!

Holster Review by Talon Sei

Check out this informative video done by sponsored shooter Talon Sei. In this video Talon reviews our website, a variety of holsters we provide and how they function. This is definitely a great place to start if you are new to the Kydex holster market! Thanks for checking out the video, make sure to give Talon's video a like and subscribe to his channel. I mean he does have the #dopestvloginthegame!

Featured Products

The "Secondary" OWB Range Holster

The "Secondary" Range Holster

Our new holster designed to work with Safariland UBL/QLS or G-Code RTI Hangers.

The "More Disceet"

The "More Discreet" IWB Holster

Our most popular IWB Kydex holster with added wing to prevent printing of the grip.

The "Wingman" Appendix Rig

The appendix rig you'll never leave home without!